Andrii Chernovil



Social Art Project

In 2016 Chernovil Art launched a social campaign to promote “Target” as a symbol of peace. The mane aim for all humanity is a peace, so we united to reach this target together.

The project “IQtargets-message for peace” starts by inviting individuals and international artists within the community to write messages of peace on targets paper.

The targets are then collected and used as the canvas for beautiful art works and as artistic movement “for peace around the world”

Thousands of individual handwritten messages, from more than 65 countries have been captured. Students, tourists, famous artists, athletes, politicians have taking part and captured their peaceful messages through the QTargets project.


The few artworks from IQTargets Project has been exhibited in New York (ArtExpo), Art Basel 2017, London (Saatchi Gallery), and full collection in National Fine Art Academy (Ukraine) 2018, Qatar 2019, Florance Biennale 2019 .

•We wish to excite people in the experience of art, exhibitions galleries and museums.

Kindness – We seek to infuse all we do with love, acceptance, and compassion. We use kindness to inform all of our interactions with our neighbors and with the earth. Educative mission of Qtargets to keep positive and open heard for all human beens.


Collective Action – Every member of the community is connected to every other member.  We find solutions to challenges when we instill a sense of inclusion in every person.  Each particapant become a part of huge art project and able to locate their message by personal number in all around the world exhibition. We are believe that everybody could leave the fingerprint in history of art through the IQtargets Art progect.

IQtargets is interactive progect, all participants could locate their message in our insta and fb pages.

IQtargets artworks not for sale
•The purpose of IQtargets Art project is to carry out a number of activities around the world until 2022

•Then in 2022, to return to Qatar to demonstrate the full collection of paintings on targets gathered around the world.

•After 2022, with the help of the auction, to sell part of the collection for charity.

_Hypnosis_ 18.10.2018

“HYPNOSIS” by Andrii Chernovil Pen on target paper 20×10 cm Qatar