Andrii Chernovil






                             ABOUT ARTIST


      Andrii Chernovil was born in march 1977 in Odessa Ukraine


      2000 Graduated Odessa State Art Collage named after M.B. Grekov

      2004-2007 young emerging artist show organize by regional Union of Arts

       2014-He participated with the solo exhibition " Victory Gardens" KY City Gallery of Art


      He became a runner-up of Painting Sculpture and  Grapic Contest organised by General Consulate of People Republic of China      He also works on the interior design and decoration projects specializing on fresco paintings, sculpture and design.


     Many of his interior design and decoration projects can be seen in different cities of Ukraine and in his native city Odessa.


 Andrii likes to travel a lot.  He takes his canvas and paints with him everywhere he goes. When he arrives at a new place he takes some time to feel the culture and traditions of this place and the people. The themes and characters can be seen in his paintings.


    The works of Andrii Chernovil are in private collections all over the world.

 Andrii Chernovil takes commissions. If you like the works he can be contacted on email